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Shri Y S Chowdary One of the serious initiatives of this Government is to
Hon’ble Minister of State improve governance and to strive for betterment of
service delivery standards to the common man. This
for Science & Technology is not possible, unless all the information on the
initiatives of the Government in terms of projects,
and Earth Sciences schemes etc launched in the larger interest of the
common good are not made available to the people of
India in a consolidated and comprehensive manner.
E-Book is one such platform that enhances the
transparency on one hand and on the other, it also
augments the accountability of the governance
machinery to the society. I am also certain that such
initiatives will take the Government closer to the

I fervently hope that the E-Book will serve its intended
purpose and develops healthy expectations in the
minds of the people about the deliverable aspects

Jai Hind

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